WordPress app For Android Review

One app that I absolutely can’t be without on my xperia x10 is wordpress for android. If I see or hear something of interest at a convention or trade show this app affords me the tool to write and post an article about it right away. And I don’t have to lug my laptop to do it!

You can write or edit posts or pages, work with comments. You can even add media to your posts. Just a couple of weeks ago I was at an open house. I did an interview and got some pictures. I managed to write the post, including pictures and upload it to that blog all while I was using public transport. Efficient use of time right?

Really, if you like to blog on the go this is the app for you.

In fact I threw this post up in a couple of minutes on the skytrain. Just do a search on wordpress in the market and you will find this great free app. Or visit the wordpress site to download the android wordpress app.

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